Student Spotlight

Student excellence at DRAGG isn’t confined to a single category. Accomplishments reside in the community, in school, in careers and at home. While all DRAGG students are worth celebrating, here are a few individuals who will leave an impression in our program. We celebrate DRAGG student’s many accomplishments!


Jesus , a Hueneme HS graduate, completed the DRAGG program in 2020. As one of our many young men who have attended and graduated, Jesus enjoyed his time in DRAGG and the relationships he created with his peers and mentors/instructors. Jesus immediately began working in the industry but knew he wanted more. After reaching out to DRAGG about other industry opportunities, Jesus was hired with Haas Automation (in Oxnard) where he enjoys his current position as a forklift operator! Jesus has certainly earned this accomplishment and credits this to hard work and determination - he was also very blessed with his first child, a son in 2021. Jesus wants the DRAGG staff to know, "Thank you so much for the DRAGG program and for the program being there for him." We celebrate all of our students’ successes and wish them well in all their future endeavors.


Chandler, a 2017 alumni of DRAGG. Chandler has been hard at work breaking into the automotive industry and he credits DRAGG for guiding him to success. Chandler attended Ventura College and is now a full time Mechanical Associate at Car Max! He also has four Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certificates to his name. Being a hands-on learner, DRAGG helped him hone his professional skills. Congrats!


Michael went through the DRAGG program through the 2019 year. He says that DRAGG helped him step out of his comfort zone and build positive connections with his community, and Oxnard Police Department. Now, Michael is an emerging Freelance News Journalist, capturing video and covering stories in Oxnard and the area. Michael says that he started filming police and fire units as they would pass through his neighborhood, and now covers footage of certain incidents. Both he and DRAGG would like to thank his parents Mike and Maria for not only supporting his interests, but for volunteering with DRAGG at our various car shows and events.


After graduating from DRAGG, Angela went to Oxnard College. Angela worked a number of different jobs before finding a position that really spoke to her as a caregiver. Angela says that her experience in DRAGG was excellent; she met new people and made new friends, while learning the basics of automotives. “As a girl, we get told we can’t do any ‘guy stuff’, but DRAGG didn’t judge me and were always willing to help.” Angela is now confident in her career, and confident in knowing she won’t be stranded if she ever gets a flat tire!


Josh graduated from Calvary Christian of Oxnard and went through the DRAGG program. After DRAGG, Josh got his Auto Body Repair Certificate from Oxnard College and is now working at Ebenezer Auto Body Repair. He also has a classic ‘67 Mustang! Congrats!


Rio Mesa HS Alumni graduated from DRAGG in 2016. As one of our many young women that are included in the program, Miranda enjoyed her time in DRAGG and the relationships she cultivated with her peers and mentors/instructors. She now attends Oxnard College and works for our friends at The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme. We celebrate all of our students’ successes and keep in touch well after they leave our doors. The relationships we make are built on trust and guidance.

What Our Students Are Saying

“DRAGG has expanded my little-to-no knowledge I have on cars. Thanks to our teachers, Sergeant Shrubb & Mr. Giles, along with other members of the DRAGG Program, they’ve created a positive environment which makes me eager to learn & improve myself. I have become much more dedicated to my community in Oxnard. I am hoping now to pursue a career in which I serve Oxnard.”

-Giovanna G

“DRAGG has impacted me very illustrious[ly] in many ways. I’ve learned a substantial amount of new knowledge about automobiles. I hope to strive in the automotive industry and DRAGG offers an opportunity to have a way to guide you.”

-Rolando G

“DRAGG has brought me closer to friends I haven’t seen in so long. It has also gotten me a step closer to my goal to be a mechanic in the future.”

-Bryan D

“Stop parking in your past and start driving your future. Being in this program has made me more knowledgeable on car maintenance as well as going to different field trips. It is also a great program that in the future will give me employment opportunities.”

-Josue M.

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